Gorilla Mass 1kg and 4kg Powder – Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla

Gorilla Tribulus capsules

Gorilla Creatine Powder

Gorilla Glutamine Powder

Gorilla Surge Capsules

Gorilla Carn Capsules

Gorilla Whey 1.8kg Powder – Chocolate

Gorilla GABA Powder

Gorilla BCAA-7000 capsules

More products are going to be released in the future. This range is made from the highest quality raw materials and comes in unique, attractive packaging which is of high quality to protect the product. The Gorilla Mass and Gorilla Whey powders are contained in black tubs which protect the powder inside from light. This ensure that the potency is maintained. Future products include Gorilla Warfare which will be an amazing preworkout powder, Gorilla Whey 1.8kg in Strawberry and Vanilla Flavours and Gorilla BCAA powder.

Gorilla Mass is available in two sizes, a 1kg tub and a 4kg bucket. It is available in three flavours namely Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry Cake and Vanilla Cupcake. Each flavour is amazing in it’s own right. Each serving provides a massive 4059kJ which will have you packing on mass within no time.

Gorilla Tribulus is available in one size, 100 capsules. It is a potent blend of nutriceuticals that will boost your testosterone levels and thus help you burn fat and build muscle and strength. It also contains an amino acid stack which helps improve protein synthesis and thus improves muscle growth as well. This is a unique product because of the combinations that used.

Gorilla Creatine powder is available as a banded pack of 2x100g. Creatine is a performance enhancer that improves stamina, endurance and overall athletic performance.

Gorilla Glutamine powder is available as banded pack of 2x250g. Glutamine is an amino acid that improves strength and recovery. It is a must for anybody who is serious about their sport and pushing their body to the limit.

Gorilla Surge is available in one size, 120 capsules. Surge is a hypervitamin, this means that it is a multivitamin and mineral supplement but at maximum levels per dose. This is to provide the body with the largest amount of vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed to enable the body to cope with stresses and training and competing in sporting events.

Gorilla Carn is available in one size, 60 capsules. It is a performance enhancer that improves focus and concentration thus enabling optimal sporting performance.

Gorilla Whey is available in one size,1.8kg. Dutch Chocolate is the only flavour available at the moment but more flavours will be available soon. This is quite simply a great product. It contains only whey and certain minerals that assist in protein synthesis. It is flavoured with natural cacoa powder which is of great benefit because cacoa is also an antioxidant. It also does not contain any tribulus,glutamine or creatine which dilutes the percentage of protein per serving. Thus Gorilla Whey is amazing value for money and also a high quality product that is very well priced.

Gorilla GABA is a HGH booster and available in one size, a 200g powder. It improves quality and duration of sleep and thus increases synthesis and secretion of natural growth hormone. This in turn improves many processes in the body including protein synthesis and body fat reduction.

Gorilla BCAA-7000 is available in one size, 150 capsules. It provides branched chain amino acids which are essential for protein synthesis and thus muscle fibre production. It provides 7000mg of BCAA’s per serving, the maximum absorbable dose. Thus offering people who want maximum muscle growth the maximum dose money can buy but at a price that won’t break the bank.

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