The winter has been long, harsh and somewhat brutal on most of us. Here’s some good news, Spring has finally sprung, and you know what that means, right? Sun’s out, skins’ out! Spring is what has kept us going and looking forward to during those cold days, but as happy as we are that it is finally here, it means allergy for some and that can take the excitement right out of spring.

From red and swollen eyes to severe sinuses, people with allergies sometimes dread spring. This doesn’t mean all is doom and gloom, there are a few ways to survive the allergy season:

  1. 1. Wear sunglasses and hats to keep pollen and other triggers out of your hair and eyes
  2. 2. Take showers before bed to keep pollen and other allergy triggers away from pillows and other bedding items
  3. 3. Wear clean and fresh items of clothing as soon as you get home to avoid pollen sticking on you longer than necessary
  4. 4. Pollen count is said to be highest at noon so, stay indoors with windows closed around this time
  5. 5. Take an antihistamine in the morning before work / school
  6. 6. Start using a nasal spray at least 2 weeks before spring
  7. 7. Bathe your pets often, as pollen can also stick to fur
  8. 8. Re-evaluate your diet and avoid mucus-producing food

Spring has so much to offer and should be enjoyed and with these tips, you should live your allergy-free life. Cheers to warm days and nights!